A Band Called Desire – Incoherence (Signed Limited Edition Ashcan Comic)


Purchase a limited edition signed paper version of the introduction to ABCD – “Incoherence:  A Brief History of A Band Called Desire’.  Inside, you will learn the science behind the world of ABCD.


Incoherence:  A Brief History of A Band Called Desire' is the first book in the world of ABCD.   This graphic story will take you through an illustrated historical account of how the world came to an end and was reborn.  It will show you a psychedelic world where music can alter reality itself.  You will be introduced to two sides of a philosophical divide; those wishing to find safety amongst this chaos, and those wishing to live free.  This is the seminal accounting of 'The Incoherence', and a must have manual for those wishing to venture deeper into this new world.

This is a first edition print, and will be signed - quantities limited.

Size:  "Ashcan" standard 8.5x5.5", 28 Pages.